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Meredith Beardmore (ANGELA), Andrew Divoff (VELLICH), and CB Spencer (JILL) at Girls & Corpses Magazine signing - Burbank, CA
Tom Nagel (MIKE) ADR session at Virtual Mix, Valencia CA
"Oh, the Humanity!"
David Greathouse adds the finishing touches to Ryan Mann (Zombie Kid)
Patrick Giraudi of Virtual Mix (Post Audio)
Al Tuskes, Joey Morse (PA), Brian Van Camp, Jason Carter, and Allen Perry (ADR Engineer) at Beachwood Studios, Cleveland, OH
Sean Serino (GRETCHEN) ADR session
Edward Douglas and Andrew Divoff (VELLICH)
CB Spencer (JILL) ADR session
Actor Tom McGuire at ADR session
Cast signing at Comic-Con 2008
Midnight Syndicate booth, Comic-Con 2008. Many thanks to John Hurt from San Diego FX Studio

Week 4
Kristina Kopf (MOTHER) fleeing the onslaught with Sarah Morgan (DAUGHTER)
Filming at the Mansfield Reformatory
Jared Sowash (PA) sporting the "Mike D" stache, also pictured Amanda Robson (3rd AD / Asst. Script)
Zombie horde
Derek Rimelspach (2nd AD)
Zombie-to-be, Steve Martini with zombies Geoff Beck and Jeff Glatzer
Watering down the Reformatory
Zombie, Jami Algor
After waiting 58 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes, Production Designer, Ben Miller finally gets to light things on fire.
Sean Serino (GRETCHEN)
Brian Van Camp (MARK PYM)
Myron St. John (BOUNCER) with Meow Suicide of the SuicideGirls (VIXEN)
Kiely Cronin (1st AC), Aaron Wichman (Loader), and Emily Perla (Video Assist)
Tom Savini (SEBED) plays with Jen Sharlow (CONCUBINE)
Andrew Divoff (VELLICH)
Adam White (Steadicam)
Zombie, Katie Bowman
Lighting for Hollows Point
Myron St. John (Stunt Coordinator)
Zombie, Max Eberle
The "last shot" of production

Week 3

Christina Capadona (WAITRESS)
A full Gator with Karey Williams (Best Boy) at the helm
Ben Miller (Production Designer)
Artist turned zombie, Mike Jasinski and Al Tuskes (Visual FX Supervisor)
Joseph Shaw (Key Makeup/Hair) and Sean Serino (GRETCHEN)
CB Spencer (JILL)
Crew at work at The Bissman Building
Vampire, Jessie Conkel (Set Dresser)
Crew looks on during a scene with Jason Carter (IAN MCCALLISTER)
Vampire Clansmen Jeff Hatrix of Mushroomhead with David Greathouse and Brian Demski
Greg Violand (THE ARCHIVIST)
Emily Hart (Asst. Production Coordinator) with Frank Purtiman (Videographer - Smudgeline Productions)
The cast relaxes, pictured left to right: Tom Nagel (MIKE), Sean Serino (GRETCHEN), CB Spencer (JILL), and Christopher Robichaud (FRANK)
Sarah Mann (Publicity) of Entity Productions on set/div>
Phil Garrett (AD - standing), Kiely Cronin (1st AC), Alex Esber (DP), and Edward Douglas>
Kenyatta Foster (SEAN)
Leyna Haller (Art Dept. Coordinator) and Tony Demci (Co-writer)
Edward Douglas and Donna Williams (Script Supervisor) watch the shot
Lunchtime for Zombies

Week 2

Edward Douglas
Todd Malkus (Art Director) assists Sean Serino (GRETCHEN)
Mike Dittiacur (Grip Electric) peering in to check things out
Phil Garret (Asst. Director)
Joe Cassano (Key Grip)
Color Bars with John Jurko (PA)
The Bissman Building

Donnie Schneider (Grip) and Gary Jones (Producer)
Nick Agich (PA)
Sean Serino (GRETCHEN) with Brian Jones (left - Props) and Ken Wilson (right - FX)
Zombies, Natalie and Eddie Wille
Zombie, Mark Rakocy
Edward Douglas with Jason Carter (IAN MCCALISTER)
Zombie, Mike Jasinski takes Jessica Cameron (FEMALE VICTIM) for a walk
Joe Cassano (Key Grip)
Zombie, Kevin MacGregor
Joseph Shaw (Key Makeup/Hair) and Zombie, Marissa Tomasic
Crew at midnight at the cemetery
Christina Capadona (PR) interviews Mark Rakocy (ZOMBIE, Computer Graphics, Co-producer of the original The Dead Matter (1996))
The Blantons on Set
Zombies pose with Ryan Moody (PA), Nick Agich (PA), and Ryan Reynolds (2nd 2nd AD)

Week 1

Adam White (Gaffer)
Amanda Rotzler (2nd AD) on first shot of production
Cory Dawson (Boom Operator)
"Big Chuck" Schodowski (OSBOURNE) and Edward Douglas
Class in now in session...
Ryan Reynolds (2nd 2nd AD)
Adam White (Gaffer), Joe Cassano (Key Grip), Phil Garrett (AD), Gary Jones (Producer), Todd Malkus (Art Director), and Frank Purtiman (Videographer)
Gary Jones, Edward P. Douglas, and Scott Green
Dan Lundy (PA - blue), Justin Russell (PA - yellow), Mike Dittiacur (Grip Electric - red)
John Vinson (Grip Electric) in the library
Donna Williams (seated - REBECCA) and Kat Francis (Asst. Makeup/Hair)
Scott Brenneman (PA) and Vic Amesquita (Sound Recordist)
Justin Russell (PA)
Dick Dyszel (THE NARRATOR)
Joseph Shaw (Key Makeup/Hair) and Kaitlin Miller (Wardrobe Supervisor) prepare Zombie, Ken Wilson
Tom Nagel (MIKE)

Pre-Production Photos
Alex Esber (DP) and Kiely Cronin (1st AC)
Alan Tuskes (Visual FX Supervisor) and Phil Garrett (1st AD)
Beki Ingram (PA - Art)
Precinct 13 FX Artist Brian Demski
Brian Van Camp (MARK) and Edward Douglas
Adam Hill (PA)
Derek Rimelspach (2nd AD), Phil Garrett (AD/UPM), Edward Douglas, and Gary Jones (Producer)
Precinct 13's David Greathouse (Key Makeup Effects)
Painting used in movie (Artwork by Amber Foth)
Tennyson Williams (PA)