2 / 23 / 10 - Midnight Syndicate to debut music video featuring a track from The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates at TransWorld's 15th Halloween & Attractions Show on March 25-28.

Midnight Syndicate is teaming up with Precinct 13 Entertainment, Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corps, and director David Greathouse to produce a music video for Dark Legacy from their The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD. It is the band's first music video in their 13-year career. Syndicate's Edward Douglas, director Greathouse, and Robert Kurtzman will be on hand to premiere the video during The Dubliner Opening Night Celebration co-sponsored by Ken Donat and Westland Insurance at the TransWorld 15th Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis March 25th. It will also be on display all weekend at the Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks Booth #631.

In addition to heading up Special FX Makeup on The Dead Matter, David's directorial credits include Mushroomhead's 12 Hundred music video which won Video of the Year 2007 on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball and their 2010 Your Soul is Mine video which appears on the Saw VI DVD. He also recently completed a documentary entitled Legion of Terror which is based on a notorious Northeastern Ohio haunted house acting troupe.

1 / 13 / 10 - The Dead Matter to be released July 30th. New website, trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes in production -

The Dead Matter movie will be released on July 30, 2010. Production on an interactive website that allows fans to delve deeper into the world and characters they will encounter in the movie is set for release in late March. A set of 3 trailers is also in production along with behind-the-scenes featurettes and a mini-documentary produced by Smudgeline Productions. All of these items and more special additions to be announced will be included on the July DVD release.

Don't miss a thing! Be sure follow The Dead Matter here, on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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11 / 16 / 09 - Girls and Corpses editor Robert Rhine interviews Andrew Divoff for Scars Magazine. CB Spencer, and Meredith Beardmore on hand for signing at Dark Delicacies. -

On Sunday, November 15th, Andrew Divoff, CB Spencer, and Meredith Beardmore of The Dead Matter were on hand at the Girls & Corpses Winter Issue Signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. While there, Andrew gave an interview with G&C editor Robert Rhine for Scars Magazine that you can check out here on YouTube.

10 / 30 / 09 - Andrew Divoff and Bill Moseley grace the covers of the latest Girls and Corpses Magazine. -

Sporting his look as the vampire Vellich from The Dead Matter, Andrew Divoff is featured in the winter issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine, a quality newsstand publication best described as Maxim meets Dawn of The Dead meets National Lampoons in this comedy/horror blend -- with celebrity and band interviews, comic art, hysterical photos, reviews, spoofs, and a crypt full of comedy.

10 / 7 / 09 - The Dead Matter sneak peek in Cleveland. -

On Saturday, October 3rd the cast and crew of The Dead Matter met at Tower City Cinemas in downtown Cleveland to catch a sneak peek of the movie. For a great behind-the-scenes look at the event visit Jim O'Rear's SCARS blog here and be sure to visit The Dead Matter on Facebook for more photos. Additional coverage can be found at Scene Magazine and Chagrin Valley Times. We hope to have news on a wide release date for the movie soon!!

10 / 5 / 09 - New interview on Count Gore De Vol's Creature Feature -

Count Gore De Vol interviews Edward Douglas on the upcoming sneak peek of The Dead Matter and the latest news on the project. Click here to watch the video interview.

10 / 1 / 09 - Edward Douglas and Christopher Robichaud on WNCX 98.5FM this Friday, October 2nd at 7:30am. Win tickets to The Dead Matter sneak peek this Saturday -

Catch Edward Douglas and Christopher Robichaud from The Dead Matter this Friday October 2nd at 7:30am on the WNCX Morning Show. To listen, tune in to 98.5 FM in Northeast Ohio or simply go to to listen to the archived interview. In addition to discussing the history and filming of The Dead Matter, they will be giving away at least two passes to attend a private screening/sneak peek of the The Dead Matter with the entire cast and crew this Saturday, October 3rd in Cleveland!

A bit of Midnight Syndicate trivia: WNCX was the first radio station to ever play Midnight Syndicate when Music Director Bill Louis and DJ Michael Stanley spun Something Wicked, Haunted Nursery, and Dark Tower in October of 1998. Additionally - the new morning show co-host Jeff Blanchard created and operated Cabaret Dada Theatre where Midnight Syndicate hosted their first (and only) live concerts back in March of 1998.

8 / 24 / 09 - Cover story in Shallow Graves Magazine - This new cover story in Shallow Graves Magazine features an in-depth interview with Edward Douglas on the movie and Midnight Syndicate. Click here to visit Shallow Graves Magazine and order a copy. Shallow Graves Magazine is a tri-annual publication that covers the latest news, celebrities and personalities involved in the supernatural and unnatural.

8 / 19 / 09 - Hot Topic Flyaway Contest winner announced - Congratulations to Patrick from Bremerton, WA. He and a guest will be attending a private advance screening for the cast and crew of The Dead Matter on October 3rd at Tower City Theatres in Cleveland, Ohio.

8 / 14 / 09 - The Dead Matter cover story in Scars Magazine -

Scars Magazine delivers a great in-depth cover story in this month's issue of Scars Magazine featuring exclusive pics from the upcoming movie! Click here to visit Scars Magazine online and order an electronic or hard-copy version.

6 / 25 / 09 - New The Dead Matter interviews posted -


Check out new interviews with Edward Douglas on TheoFantastique and Geek In The City. For all of the latest features and interviews regarding The Dead Matter movie check out The Dead Matter press page.

6 / 10 / 09 - Fun with "Zombie Steve" on Facebook - Congratulations to THE DEAD MATTER lead zombie, STEVE MARTINI (Screamline Studios) for being the poster child for Facebook's "# Of Days You Will Survive In The Zombie Invasion." Click here to take the test

6 / 1 / 09 - Signing and Haunter's Edition of The Dead Matter Trailer debuting at Midwest Haunters Convention this weekend. - Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate and Robert Kurtzman of Precinct 13 Entertainment (producer From Dusk Till Dawn, co-founder KNB FX, co-producer The Dead Matter) will both be appearing at the Midwest Haunters Convention, signing autographs at Booth #807 from 11:00am until 1:00pm on Saturday and debuting an exclusive Haunter's Edition of The Dead Matter movie trailer. Spotlighting some of the haunters involved in the project, the trailer will be shown at both the Midsummer Monster Bash (8:30pm) and the IAHA Masquerade Party (10:30pm), as well as on the bus tours.

Kurtzman will be at Midwest Haunters Convention unveiling his Creature Corps line of haunted attraction props, masks, and special makeup items.

5 / 13 / 09 - The Dead Matter completed! - The Dead Matter is officially complete. Post-production wrapped the last week in April with director/composer Edward Douglas and sound editor Patrick Giraudi finalizing the mix. Colorist Jim Garrow dialed in the finishing touches.

"I am absolutely thrilled with how the movie came out," says Edward Douglas. "I think it's exactly what fans would expect from a Midnight Syndicate movie. Classic horror themes...very atmospheric, very creepy... and loaded with twists and turns that really pull you into the dark world we try to create on all our discs. It's definitely a fun ride for fans who enjoy a good story and an old-school edge to their horror films."

Although no official date has been set, Midnight Syndicate announced that they will be releasing an official soundtrack to The Dead Matter in coordination with the movie's release. In August of 2008, Midnight Syndicate released the critically-acclaimed The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD which was a collection of music inspired by the movie. In addition to being named one of the top horror CDs on FEARnet's 2008 countdown, the disc recently won runner-up for Best CD in the horror fan-voted Rondo Awards. More information and reviews can be found on

3 / 2 / 09 - Director Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka of Midnight Syndicate appear on Fangoria Radio Friday, March 6th at MIDNIGHT - Co-host Debbie Rochon from Fangoria Radio will be talking with Ed and Gavin about The Dead Matter and music in horror. The show airs this Friday, March 6th from 10pm to 1am EST and can be heard on SIRIUS CHANNEL 102 / XM CHANNEL 155. To sign up for a free three-day Sirius XM pass, CLICK HERE! You can also sign-up for Fangoria's free podcasts on iTunes. All clips are listed in the iTunes Store under the "Podcasts" tab. Simply search for "FANGORIA".

2 / 20 / 09 - New photos added - Some new photos from post-production have been added to the PHOTOS section.

1 / 20 / 09 - Final stages of post-production underway - The final stages of post-production are underway with scoring, sound, and visual effects in full swing.  More updates coming soon!

1 / 10 / 09 - The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD on FEARnet's list of Best in Music 2008 - You can read the article and check out their interview with Edward Douglas here.

11 / 7 / 08 - New interviews on Fangoria and FEARnet posted - Check out new interviews with Edward Douglas on FANGORIA and FEARnet. Midnight Syndicate is also featured in the most recent issue of Screem Magazine (#17).

10 / 23 / 08 – Rotting Flesh Radio -

Many more reviews have been added to the website as well. Visit The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates press page to hear what others are saying about our newest release.

10 / 14 / 08 - New reviews for The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD posted - See what people are saying about the new CD here.

9 / 13 / 08 - The Dead Matter trailer is released at - The trailer to The Dead Matter is now available at, a Halloween website hosted by Hot Topic stores.

9 / 13 / 08 - Win a trip to the premiere of The Dead Matter - Visit to see the new trailer and enter the The Dead Matter Flyaway Contest brought to you by Midnight Syndicate Films and Hot Topic. You and a guest can win a flight to the premiere of the movie complete with hotel accommodations, limo service, and a meet and greet with Midnight Syndicate and the cast. Other prizes include a complete set of all ten Midnight Syndicate CDs and limited-edition autographed movie props hand-crafted by Robert Kurtzman's Creature Crew FX-artist Sean Rodgers. Restrictions apply. Must be 18 or older to enter. More details available on as well as

9 / 3 / 08 - Interview with Edward Douglas at Festival of Fear - Desmond from Dread Media interviews Edward Douglas at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear. The interview can be heard at Dread Media. The show is Episode No. 52 and the interview begins at 27:50 minutes in.

8 / 27 / 08 - The Dead Matter movie trailer coming September 13th - The trailer will be hosted on, a Halloween website sponsored by Hot Topic. Midnight Syndicate Films and Hot Topic will also be teaming up on a The Dead Matter movie flyaway contest. More details coming soon!

8 / 26 / 08 - The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD now available -

Midnight Syndicate's The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD arrives just in time for the Halloween season. Inspired by the themes of vampirism, living dead, and occult relics explored in the upcoming The Dead Matter movie, the new CD was created in the style of Midnight Syndicate's other releases, taking listeners on a musical journey of their own creation.

"The themes from The Dead Matter movie were a perfect match," says Midnight Syndicate's Gavin Goszka. "They allowed us to expand on familiar territory as well as explore new musical ground and add to our instrumental palette."

"Although this is not the soundtrack to the movie, several tracks from this disc will be appearing in The Dead Matter," says Edward Douglas.

The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates is available nationwide at Halloween stores and at other retailers that specialize in Halloween merchandise (party stores and costume shops). Visit to utilize our store locator and find a Midnight Syndicate retailer near you and to hear samples from the CD.

8 / 8 / 08 - Interview with the Cast at Comic-Con on Rotting Flesh Radio. - Jerry Vayne from Rotting Flesh Radio interviews Sean Serino, Christopher Robichaud, Tom Nagel, and CB Spencer from the floor at Comic-Con. The interview can be heard at The show is Episode No. 140 (August 8, 2008) and the interview begins at 1 hour 51 minutes in.

7 / 30 / 08 - Preview tracks from the upcoming The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD Available - Two tracks (Alchemist's Chamber and The Revenants) from the upcoming The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD are now available to preview on Midnight Syndicate's MySpace page. Two additional tracks (Tear of Osiris and The Hunt) can be heard on a trailer for the CD that has just been added to Midnight Syndicate's official website.

Pictures from Comic-Con as well as more production photos will be coming next week. If you missed the first The Dead Matter movie trailer at Comic-Con, you can catch it on the road with Director Edward Douglas at GenCon, Horrorfind, Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear, and DragonCon. The trailer will make it's way to the Internet in early September along with some other exciting surprises -- so stay tuned!

7 / 7 / 08 - The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates coming August, Comic-Con cast appearances announced. -

Beyond the cemetery gates the dead do not rest easily. An ancient Egyptian relic, vampires, and the living dead lurk amongst its shadowy crypts. Haunting symphonies and dark soundscape call you into the world of the undead...

This August, Midnight Syndicate will unleash its first all-original, independent release since The 13th Hour. The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates takes listeners on a journey into the dark world that inspired The Dead Matter motion picture. The CD also includes several tracks from the movie. Look for updates and preview tracks in the next few weeks!

Director EDWARD DOUGLAS and four of the main leads from The Dead Matterwill be in the MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE SOUNDTRACKS booths (#4914 and #4916) at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. SEAN SERINO (Gretchen), TOM NAGEL (Mike), CB SPENCER (Jill), and CHRISTOPHER ROBICHAUD (Frank) have been confirmed and will be on-hand at the booth showing the movie's FIRST TRAILER and talking about the film.

6 / 9 / 08 – New interview with The Dead Matter director, Edward Douglas - In this new, in-depth interview posted on Revenant Magazine, director Edward Douglas talks filming The Dead Matter, what fans can expect from the film, and plans for the rest of 2008.

5 / 28 / 08 - First trailer coming in July. Director and Cast to appear at Comic-Con. The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gatessoundtrack CD coming in August. Picture locked. - Plans are being made to debut the first trailer to The Dead Matter at the San Diego Comic-Con July 23-27 at the MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE SOUNDTRACKS booths (#4914 and #4916). Also appearing at the booth (soon to be confirmed) are director Edward Douglas and cast members Sean Serino, Christopher Robichaud, Tom Nagel, CB Spencer, and Brian Van Camp.

The Dead Matter achieved picture lock this past week. "The test screenings went extremely well," said Edward Douglas, "there's a tremendous amount of excitement building around here as we head into this next stage."

In addition to the Visual FX work being done at Precinct 13, work on Midnight Syndicate's The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD and the score is also underway. The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates CD is a disc of music inspired by the film as well as some music from the actual film that will be released in August of this year. "Just in time for Halloween," said Midnight Syndicate's Gavin Goszka. "We're really happy with how the disc is coming together. It will definitely give people a taste of what is to come."

Stay tuned for more updates!

12 / 6 / 07 - Midnight Syndicate The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates soundtrack due out August 2008 - Although the official release date for the movie has not been announced, The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates soundtrack will be released in late-August 2008. A movie soundtrack created in the style of Midnight Syndicate's other releases, the CD will contain music inspired by the film mixed with music from the actual film.

"The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates soundtrack CD is designed to stand on its own and to draw you into the supernatural world of the living dead that we create in The Dead Matter," says Douglas. "The CD will also allow people who watch the movie to journey deeper into the world as we push further into its themes and characters." With post-production moving right along, fans can expect the first The Dead Matter trailer early next year. All we can say is that the final product will be worth the wait!

9 / 10 / 07 - Production wraps on The Dead Matter. Post-production underway - Production on The Dead Matter wrapped at 5am on September 2nd. "I couldn't be happier," said director Edward Douglas. "We got everything I was hoping for and so much more. The entire cast and crew really delivered on all levels. This movie is going to resonate with a lot of horror fans - we really have something special here."

"The Dead Matter is definitely a character-driven horror film, so a lot rides on our actors. They all really came through for us. Between the performances by the veterans and our newer faces, audiences are going to be in for a real treat," said Douglas.

Douglas credits the successful production phase to Producer Gary Jones, the FX team at Precinct 13, Director of Photography Alex Esper, UPM Philip Garrett, and an "incredibly talented and experienced" crew of film veterans mixed with an enthusiastic group of hard-working production assistants. "It's an ambitious script. We were only able to complete it on time because of the tremendous talent, teamwork, and perseverance our crew exhibited."

With a projected release date in 2008, post-production has already begun. That includes work on the next Midnight Syndicate release, The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates.

The PHOTOS section on has pictures of the cast and crew in action with MORE coming soon! Be sure to stop by this site for trailers, news, soundtrack updates, interviews, and much, much more!

8 / 29 / 07 - More production photos posted - Production photos from Weeks 2 and 3 have been posted in the PHOTOS section.

8 / 15 / 07 - Behind the Scenes Trailer posted - For a look behind the scenes of The Dead Matter check out a trailer for The Making of "The Dead Matter" feature (produced by Frank Purtiman and Smudgeline Productions) on YouTube.

8 / 10 / 07 - Production on The Dead Matter has started - Edward Douglas and the crew at Precinct 13 Entertainment started production on The Dead Matterearlier this week. Production photos are available on the Photos page.

8 / 4 / 07 - More Pre-Production Photos Available - More pictures are also available in the Photos page.